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Johan Lindholm and Tom Deleu re-elected as EFBWW President and General Secretary

The EFBWW General Assembly elected its new leadership for the 2024-2028 period. Johan Lindholm (Byggnads, Sweden) was re-elected as EFBWW president and Tom Deleu (Belgium) as General Secretary.

Brahim Hilami (FGTB La Centrale Générale – ABVV De Algemene Centrale, Belgium), Ellen Hoeijenbos (FNV, The Netherlands), Andrea Merli (Feneal-UIL, Italy) in rotation with Claudio Sottile (Filca CISL, Italy), were elected as vice-presidents and Ramona Veleanu (FGS Familia, Romania) was elected as vice-president for the Central and Easter European (CEE) region.

This is the first time that the EFBWW has a vice-president dedicated to the CEE. The decision mirrors the will to focus on the CEE region for the next years.

Nina Kreutzman (Rakennusliitto, Finland) and Bruno Bothua (FNSCBA-CGT, France) were elected as president of the standing committee building and president of the standing committee wood and forestry.

All in all, this means that, for the first time, the presidium has almost 40% of women.

Johan Lindholm: “We stand united and, when we stand united, nothing can stop us. We have a clear voice both at European and national level. We stand united to fight against exploitation of our members. We need to make the voices of our members heard: only then, they will feel safe”.

Tom Deleu: “We already look to the next European elections, which will determine the political and democratic context of the coming years and in which we will develop our work. We will never work with the far-right. We support fair mobility, we support fair migration, fair treatment of mobile and migrant workers, a fair Internal Market.”