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30 years of Internal Market: Proposals towards a fair Internal Market without exploitation, social dumping and labour crime

On the second day of the General Assembly, participants had the opportunity to discuss and take stock of the 30 Years Internal Market. The starting point of the discussion was the fact that workers do not have much to celebrate in these 30 years of internal market, with less social protection, downward pressure on salaries, more precarious jobs and worsening working conditions.

Participants pointed some ways forward including a ban on intermediaries in posting, introduction of strict limits to subcontracting, and social identity cards. These demands reflect some of the EFBWW’s priorities for the next congress period.

The Executive Director of the European Labour Authority (ELA), Cosmin Boiangiu, who stated that ELA will focus on enforcement and impact in the next years. “We need more inspections; we need social partners to work with us and to bring us cases. And we also need to step up the information for workers.”

The panel discussion included the contribution of Sophie Robin-Olivier, Professor of Law at the Sorbonne School of Law, who presented an evolution of the posting of workers as an exploitative labour system.  Vice-president of FIEC, Piero Petrucco, was also part of the panel discussion, asking for more enforcement and more cooperation between trade unions and employers.