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European Works Council: a tool for workplace democracy and organising

EFBWW, in collaboration with ETUI, organised a workshop with its affiliates to identify challenges for organising faced by trade unions and discuss new strategies and good practices. There has been a general decline in Trade union membership across Europe, but the number of European Works Councils grows steadily.

During the event the emphasis focused on the pivotal role of organising in securing collective agreements, enhancing working conditions, and fostering solidarity among workers. The fact that union density is declyining all over in Europe calls for a proactive approach to membership recruitment and organising efforts.

Brahim Hilami, Vice-President of EFBWW concluded “Following today’s exchange we can all agree that a stronger trade union not only enhances the functioning of EWCs but also empowers workers, adding pressure on management to take transnational matters more seriously,” concludes the article.”