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New strategic plan adopted

The Strategic Plan will define the priority areas for the coming period 2024-2028, and it is built around two red threads: the need for social progress and for a just transition.

First of all, in the coming congress period, EFBWW will advocate for substantial changes to the current functioning and legal framework of the Internal Market, in order to better regulate subcontracting and posting of workers, which are currently out of control. Large-scale social dumping, exploitation and labour crime in construction, forestry and furniture industries must end.

EFBWW will give attention and dedication to the implementation of the twin transition, which offers many opportunities as a driver towards more sustainable business models, based on social dialogue, social partnership, innovation and skills, providing quality, healthy and safe jobs.

The results of the next European elections (6-9 June 2024) will determine the political and democratic context for the period to come. The prospects do not look reassuring with the far right and other populist parties on the rise in many Member States. Although the EFBWW is willing to build majorities across all political groups to achieve real progress for its members, the federation will never work together with right-wing groups.

To be successful, to have a real impact, and to win, the EFBWW needs support from all its affiliates to work together, across borders, cultures and traditions. Only this way the EFBWW will be ready to continue its fights for a social and green Europe.